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Not ever, and certainly not on this day

(The flag of the People's Republic of China flies behind Brockville city hall on Tuesday.)

Green-shaming on smoking rules

(Coun. Matt Wren (File Photo)

Brockville council may have given us its first instance of tactical green-shaming, and it was a thing to behold.

Democracy dies in downsizing

Cost-cutting is now officially part of the Ontario zeitgest, in a way it hasn't been since the era of Mike Harris. 

Anti-vaxxers must be rubbing their hands

Public health authorities, and the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit among them, have long been ripe for accusations of bureaucratic excess.

I have frequently seen our local health unit do little to discourage such accusations, over the past two decades.

Loof, Lirpa loof...

You know the drill, people, but for those who are new to the Lirpa Loof tradition that once made it to newsprint in a less rancorous age, please be assured, the previous post about SNC-Lavalin being pressured into covering the Brockville Railway tunnel's debt was an April Fool's joke.

SNC-Lavalin to the rescue



The Brockville Railway Tunnel has a new and unexpected saviour. 

Remembering Linda Kay's gentle patience

Linda Kay (via Concordia)

Every young journalist’s career will inevitably trip up on that first big mistake.

Election campaigns have consequences

(Tom Blanchard, left, was unmoved by Phil Deery on Tuesday.)

The Kremlin denies all involvement

(Rumours of Oscar the Otter's mayoral campaign were somewhat premature. Photo via Josh Bennett on Facebook.)

It is now April 2, which means the fun is done and it's time to come clean and keep the lawyers at bay.


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