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'Categorical' refusal may matter more than delay


One could feel a certain sense of relief from the gallery, and a sense of frustration from the contact committee table, when discussion at Monday's meeting turned to the prospect of a moratorium on OPP costings.

Well, that was kinda short...


I had one of those “What-The” moments last night.

Too late to consider regional policing



“Perfunctory” is one of those words we no longer use enough in conversation.

As in: “One would expect Brockville's study on regional policing would be a perfunctory affair.”

Cutting one seat out of 10? Meh...


The funniest moment in Tuesday's brief discussion of the looming council cut motion concerned, inevitably, the mayor.

Should OPP committee be a little more open?


On the subject of the Ontario Provincial Police dialling in the last contact committee meeting, I see retired city cop David Mitchell was also unimpressed.

In a previous post, I suggested the OPP's use of the teleconference model at their August 26 meeting was bad optics in a community that is, quite frankly, still being sold on the idea of trading in the city police for an OPP badge.

The sky is falling; it's that time of year.



This talk of cutting at city hall has a familiar ring to it, even if it is happening a little earlier in the year.

A small solution that is part of the big solution






The problem with big problems is people tend to look for big solutions.

Sometimes, though, the solution isn't a big solution, but a large accumulation of small solutions.

If Cornwall gets this, council will hear about it

When we posted our latest story last night about the aftermath of Brockville's Tomlinson decision, I tweeted the following:

The public needs to hear from a human with a badge



I do not wish to take sides in Brockville's ongoing policing debate. Let the OPP costing process continue, and let the hard numbers land where they may.


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