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When the Holocaust was put on stage


('Birkenau gate,' by Angelo Celedon a.ka. Lito Sheppard. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons)

Sometimes, not to cry is to be inhuman.

He's not the 'huggy' type


What is political coverage without a bit of humour? That would be dour indeed.

If we 'lost' Target, we dodged a bullet


(The entrance to the Eleven Points Logistics distribution centre in Cornwall on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015. Target, which owns the land and building, has announced it will be closing all its Canadian operations. TODD HAMBLETON/CORNWALL STANDARD-FREEHOLDER/QMI AGENCY)


Festival planners may have missed Whingefest

(Riverfest 2011, its last edition, when INXS caused people to whinge in excess.)

There was a bit of fallout from our editorial earlier this week on the ever-shifting timeline of Brockville's elusive signature festival.

No group hug likely

(United Counties Warden Dave Gordon speaks at Brockville's New Year's Day levee. Photo by Darcy Cheek)

Years of work needed to save college

I am on record supporting Steve Clark's continued push for an agricultural diploma program at Kemptville College.

Flying below the StatsCan radar


Sometimes, the political stars align perfectly.


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