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Municipal politics

The two Ps in 'appeal'

(Icicles hang off the roof of 40 Crawford Street in this February file photo.)

If one could produce energy from the hate being flung at Jim Rawlings on the Internet, it would solve Ontario's Hydro cost crisis by throwing plenty of free juice onto the grid.

Genetics to blame for Aquatarium delays



(Nexus 6 takes a break between performances.)

Did 'opportunity' arise from backlash?

(BGH president and CEO Tony Weeks is now talking about opportunities to save the maternity ward. {Photo by Darcy Cheek})

BGH won't do without babies


 (Photo by Darcy Cheek)

The limits of heritage status

(A widow's walk adorns the top of the house known as the Fairview.)

Diversity at the media table is missed

Media diversity is one of those things we often miss when it starts to disappear.

And then, perniciously, people begin to care a little less.

Warp-speed budget, answers are slow

Last night, I tweeted this in jest, but it was a jest with a core of truth to it: "Believe it or not, this #CanadianFlag song is longer than the #BrockvilleCouncil #budget debate."


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