Civic Affairs

Municipal politics

Not going to happen, but something has to happen


(Auditor Howard Allan speaks to Augusta Township council Monday evening.)


When did the train leave the station?



(Yep, we missed out on this...)


Beatty blended CEO thinking with community-mindedness



It may be a little early to sing the praises of a departed city councillor, since the election is still three months away.

Did we fix a broken window?


(Alvis Larocque, left, and Troy Merkley work on the sidewalk Monday in front of the former Woolworth's building.)


This ignoble fate may have been inevitable


(The ill-fated bells of Trinity Anglican Church, photographed by Darcy Cheek.)


It is indeed a most ignoble fate.

Failure to launch, and launch-in-progress



(Michael Mann, chief executive officer of Launch Labs, speaks to city council's economic development

and planning committee in February.)

The incredibly long Orangeville standoff



As city officials gird for another labour battle with Brockville's firefighters' association, the talk is not about if the next round goes to arbitration, but when.

Yes, bring back the buskers!



(The Aerial Angels dazzled the downtown in 2006.)



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