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Desperate for another draw



What was arguably the most pertinent comment arising from city council's regional policing debate last night came from Councillor Mary Jean McFall.

'Categorical' refusal may matter more than delay


One could feel a certain sense of relief from the gallery, and a sense of frustration from the contact committee table, when discussion at Monday's meeting turned to the prospect of a moratorium on OPP costings.

Well, that was kinda short...


I had one of those “What-The” moments last night.

Too late to consider regional policing



“Perfunctory” is one of those words we no longer use enough in conversation.

As in: “One would expect Brockville's study on regional policing would be a perfunctory affair.”

Cutting one seat out of 10? Meh...


The funniest moment in Tuesday's brief discussion of the looming council cut motion concerned, inevitably, the mayor.

Should OPP committee be a little more open?


On the subject of the Ontario Provincial Police dialling in the last contact committee meeting, I see retired city cop David Mitchell was also unimpressed.

In a previous post, I suggested the OPP's use of the teleconference model at their August 26 meeting was bad optics in a community that is, quite frankly, still being sold on the idea of trading in the city police for an OPP badge.

The sky is falling; it's that time of year.



This talk of cutting at city hall has a familiar ring to it, even if it is happening a little earlier in the year.

A small solution that is part of the big solution






The problem with big problems is people tend to look for big solutions.

Sometimes, though, the solution isn't a big solution, but a large accumulation of small solutions.

If Cornwall gets this, council will hear about it

When we posted our latest story last night about the aftermath of Brockville's Tomlinson decision, I tweeted the following:


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