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Enough spinning to mix concrete


No one in the realm of politics is immune to the mystifying power of spin.

We who report and consume political news will sometimes fall victim to it, and the people who move and act within the world of politics – even municipal politics – will sometimes fall prey to the temptation to do it.

That's no umbrella; it's a grenade



Was that a suggestion or a joke?

Or, for that matter, a grenade?

Decide on the roadmap, then let the driver drive




Those were laudable sentiments by Councillor Jason Baker, on the matter of Brockville's seating arrangement on the Economic Development Express.

Is Brockville a 'stand-alone town'?



When the Ontario Provincial Police analysts return, probably next month, with a fleshed-out presentation on the different options for policing Brockville, there will likely be two models under consideration.

Time to think outside the (cardboard) box




 It's not the kind of municipal spending that will create jobs, roads, services or facilities.

Does the Tall Ships Festival need a captain at city hall?


Yes, that's what success looks like. And sounds like. And feels like.

And Brockville has a right to enjoy it.

The media didn't pick up on it? Excuse me?

   I am not afraid to admit mistakes.

   I am also not afraid to defend myself when accused of a mistake I did not make.


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