Dnem Duraka... Pravda!

Not that anyone was fooled, but journalistic integrity demands I disclose that yesterday's entry on a secret meeting at the Brockville Arts Centre between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was the continuation of a Brockville tradition.

That would be the Lirpa Loof tradition.

For the record, "Den Duraka" is Russian for "Day of the Idiot," the Russian version of April Fool's Day.

As for the Russian flag on the east side of the Brockville Arts Centre, that happens to be real.

Arts centre administrator Peter Dunn says the theatre rotates its flags regularly and the presence of Russia's tricolour during the Ukraine crisis is purely coincidental.

I'm planning to have more on that - seriously - in tomorrow's R&T.

UPDATE: I have since been informed that, as of last Friday or Saturday, the Russian flag was replaced with that of Scotland.

Must have been the State Department's extra precautionary measure to keep the Kerry-Lavrov meeting secret...