Who says I only dump on commenters?


I like to dump on commenters who gripe underneath the stories we post.

Much of the time, they are uninformed, needlessly angry and apt to fall on each other like a pack of crazed schoolyard bullies after about the second go-round.

Besides, they once compared me to Forrest Gump.

Let it not be said, however, that I do nothing but dump on online commenters.

Those who have the internal fortitude and intellectual honesty to use their real names have my respect, perhaps not always, or even often, my agreement, but always my respect.

One such commenter is Mark Darrah, a guy whose philosophy differs from mine on many things, but who nevertheless deserves recognition for this gem of irony posted under my story on the Woolworth's project woes.

I repost it here without further comment. Darrah is respoonding to someone who suggests the Woolworth building be boarded up so that TISS students can paint a mural. Those of you who can put humour ahead of literalism on this Friday afternoon, enjoy:

"Because it would have to be approved by city staff, reviewed by a sub-committee or two, sent back to staff for tweaks, approved by the sub-committee, debated on by council, put off any decision for a month while they debate the benefits of hiring a consultant to review what other towns do with their derelict properties. Once it's decided to hire the consultant, and the report is delivered, it must be reviewed by staff, and new proposals must be made. Then it can be debated by council, after the subcommittee has another go at it. Then public meetings can happen, if heritage brockville or CRUZ hasn't kaiboshed the whole thing. Then perhaps the kids (a new batch, since the original class would likely be finishing up university by then) could be allowed to proceed with a mural. I suggest one with otters. I hear that otters will draw tourists by the bazillions. A picture of otters should be almost as good. It will draw tourists from as far away as Row's Corners."

Incidentally, I think the TISS mural thing would work. Here's my take on it.