Keep telling it straight, Your Worship


Mayor David Henderson has always been a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy.

Lately, however, we've been treated to a somewhat cranked-up version of the mayor's directness, which gives me great hope that His Worship won't be artificially polishing his style ahead of this fall's election.

A former colleague of mine reminded me of the mayor's reputation for direct speech when, on Monday night, he broached the subject of the OPP costing in his Police Week remarks.

The mayor had been expounding on the subject of change, more specifically changes in policing that call for more integration with mental health agencies.

Watch the video here, and pause right at 0:22 when he says “change is good sometimes.”

A great many politicians would have left it hanging there.

Change is good sometimes, dot, dot, dot. Let others mull over in their minds what other “changes” are understood.

Not Henderson, however, who at 0:31 adds: “You've got to admit that's a little touchy for me to say that...”

Sure, he leaves unsaid the fact he initiated the most recent OPP costing discussion, but then, the truth is he really did say it. Anything for our mayor but beating around the bush.

Henderson was equally direct at Tuesday's state-of-the-city address, when he addressed the topic of the aborted Tomlinson asphalt plant.

We got out butts kicked on that one,” said Henderson.


Later on, when discussing the city's inability for force any substantive action on the vacant Woolworth's property on King Street West, the mayor's aesthetic judgement was equally direct: “It looks like crap.”

I mention this because in Tuesday's speech Henderson pointed out, on two occasions if not three, that he has a tendency to be impolitic – not a good thing for a politician.

Only I hope he stays that way as the election draws clearer.

Editorially, we at The Recorder and Times are with the mayor on some issues, and not with the mayor on others.

We do, however, wholeheartedly endorse his firm stance on bafflegab.