In the interests of full disclosure...

In years gone by, the good old R&T would always follow up a good Lirpa Loof story with a retraction, clarification or other print journalism equivalent of "Juuuust kidding, folks!"

I would not presume to borrow the venerable prankster's name without respecting tradition, and so, to be precise, the preceding blog entry about a planned underwater condo complex was nothing more than Lirpa Loof spelled backwards.

While we're at it, a tip of the hat to my university professors of days done by, without whom I would not have known that "Nekulturny" is the Russian word for an uncultured person, and "Duraky" is the plural of "Durak," which means "Idiot." For making this post possible, "Spaciba!"

Finally, even without the Lirpa Loof reference, the folks at city hall would have been able to point out the flaw in my description of the photo, in which "planner Jonathan Faurschou is pointing to Brockville's sewage intake."

In fact, there is no sewage intake. Sewage goes out to the river, while the intake takes in water for the water treatment plant.

Thank you, all, for keeping the Lirpa Loof love alive on the Internet. We may see him back in a year!