With apologies for the delay...

Former councillor Louise Severson speaks to city council's finance, administration and operations committee last Wednesday.In the news business, it's always a risk to promise.

When I promised, yesterday, there would be more coverage of Brockville's OPP costing debate in today's print edition, it was before a much more important story, the Boston Marathon tragedy, had happened.

Today we pray for Boston, and tomorrow (one hopes), we can return to the debates that fill our regular civic space, albeit with a renewed sense of perspective.

In the meantime, I see former Councillor and COPS chairwoman Louise Severson has taken to Facebook to deny, yet again, any intentions of running for mayor -- or at least, as she noted here, of running with policing as her platform -- in next year's municipal election.

To be clear, my opinion to the contrary, in Friday's column, was just that: an opinion, based on my reading of the political math and the political momentum.

I will, however, give the woman the benefit of the doubt.

Still, I do recall Severson's farewell in 2010 after losing the battle for the mayor's seat, when she returned to Chuck Pearce a compass he had given her for her 2000 council campaign. Pearce gave her the compass back, suggesting she would use it again in four years.

I'll stop pressing the point. However, I do believe that, were she to use that compass next year to seek her old council seat, rather than the mayoralty. she would find it.