Jobs and parrots can coexist peacefully

The award for non-sequitur comment of the weekend goes to "the_moment," for: "If you all think a bird should be in the front of your home town paper that is why all the jobs in Brockville are flying south."

Someone please tell me the connection. And besides, our story on the passing of the parrot (which, thankfully, some people "got" and expressed the appropriate sympathy) was not on the front page, but on page three.

One front-page story had to do with jobs that may not be flying south (or east, for that matter).

The sale of the former Black and Decker property is far from a done deal. Court-ordered sales can be even more complicated than ordinary ones, so we'll have to wait until May to find out where this goes.

Anything on that site, be it retail, warehousing or a secret farm for breeding parrots, would be better than what's there now. Camalor needs neighbours.

City officials are hailing the opportunity to capitalize on however much they can of the warehousing boom that went to Cornwall. Their retort to the missed-opportunity accusation was always a lack of space, so here, now, is some space.

It will be privately-held land, of course, and the decision on who leases the space will be up to the private owners. Still, there is an opportunity for the economic developnment department to reopen whatever files exist on small manufacturers or startups looking for a home, and see if any of them can be matched with these new owners.

It's a longshot, perhaps, but it would not be wise to close the door on any potential new Camalors and think strictly warehousing.