It's not shameless self-promotion if the other guy is holding the paper

Shameless self-promotion? Sure, why not.
“If you want to know the latest on the Brock Trail and other city projects, turn to The Recorder and Times, the region's trusted source of information and newspaper of record. And that Zajac guy, he's journalism award material.”
That's what John Taylor, chairman of the Brock Trail Committee, was saying as I snapped this picture at last night's special council meeting on the 10-year capital plan.
Well, more or less.
I may have embellished a bit.
Listen, I didn't have my notepad at the time because I was taking a picture.
For the record, I'm almost sure he said something nice about us.
Seriously, folks, it's gratifying when something you write becomes a part of the civic discourse. That's why I do this.
The self-promotion and borderline narcissism is strictly for fun – and to blow off steam in the direction of those who say journalism is dead.
You can read more on the Brock Trail project and other capital plan issues in tomorrow's R&T. That one I am not embellishing.
For now, here's the story John is pointing to: