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Will workouts help draw business?



Debbie Stagg speaks to council

Debbie Stagg speaks to city council on Tuesday.


A workout for the head and heart


Debbie Stagg speaks to the planning committee

Debbie Stagg speaks to city council's planning committee.


It's not unusual for a city council to bend or suspend the usual zoning rules when presented with an emotionally compelling case.

People give Brock Trail a pulse


Zoning meetingBrock Trail meeting

Same chairs, different day...


Will the OPP spice up the offer?

 Photo by Darcy Cheek

There is still plenty of ground to cover before the Ontario Provincial Police's current exercise in billing reform arrives at its final result.

Can we save open-air skating?


 Rotary Pad opening (photo by Darcy Cheek)

It was easy to see, while covering Monday's opening of the Rotary pad rink, why some folks might resist the idea of covering the rink with a roof.

It's not the Apocalypse, but it's not Utopia

Half a year ago, in a story I wrote about Statistics Canada’s labour force survey, I led with the following: “The good news is: the bad news is probably not so bad.”

From 'pig' to possibility


I guess it was all in the combination.

Or make that recombination.

Slow dawn for 'Age of Aquatarium'



“When the moon is in the Seventh House/And Jupiter aligns with Mars/ Then the tanks will fill with otters/And the lots will fill with cars.

“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquatarium... “

Will fire department reform take a decade?


A year-end interview with the mayor is always a hydra-headed thing. Plenty goes on in a year, and one can never capture it all.


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