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The Curse of Henry Street







Bob Greenwood, my barber, has been over the years a better pipeline to the word on the street than many.

The job of councillor is more than a hobby



One Facebook commenter on my previous blog entry brings up a point that merits an addendum here.

A bluff is called and tempers flare




A pay cut, it seems, is a bridge too far for most city councillors.

So what's the rush?

Listen, I am as happy as anyone working in the Victoria Building that Brockville council has figured out, in more recent years, how to get the budget done before May of the given budget year.

Some of you may not even remember those years when I would cover long budget meetings, gavel-to-gavel, while the flowers were blooming and the birds were singing outside.

Courage has no gender



I was an English Lit undergrad at McGill 24 years ago, on December 6, 1989, still living at my parents' home and busily working on an essay in the basement when news broke of what would come to be known as the Montreal Massacre.

My mama always told me not to read the comments


I learned a long time ago that, to enjoy the benefits of good journalism online, it is best to ignore 90 per cent of the comments posted under a story.

There are better reasons for paranoia

If you want to be a reporter, a copy editing teacher once told me decades ago, you have to have your mind in the gutter.

What he meant was copy editing requires an acute sense of the perverse, in order to avoid the kind of double-entendre mistake that happened some time ago when one editor headlined one of my stories: “NDP candidate makes history by coming second.”

Disclosure, disclaimer, discovery... once a year


Civic politics has its share of rituals, and one of them happens every year when the province releases Brockville's municipal performance measurements.

Elections and new electronics don't mix


I suffer from tablet envy every time I walk into the city council chamber.


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