Heated bike lanes on the way?


(Winter cycling is common in the Netherlands.)

Score one for the snarlers

(Aquatarium executive director Bill Rogerson has navigated the rough waters of short-term financing.)

Wonky but worthwhile water watchers


(City corporate services director David Dick, left, discusses the Victoria Avenue grant with Councillor Tom Blanchard.)

Friends, family and special strangers


I am going to do something unusual here.

The Braves will win this faceoff

(The Braves' Liam Folkes cuts in from the boards of the Brockville Memorial Centre where advertising of local businesses can be seen on the other side of the rink. DARCY CHEEK/THE RECORDER AND TIMES)

Uber in Brockville? We should at least talk.


(Photo by Darcy Cheek)

 I'm a big fan of outside-the-box statements – even the ones that go nowhere.

One heck of a rounding error

(The Aquatarium is at centre right. Let  me know if you spot the extra 6,000 square feet.)


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