One last blast over butts


(Acting Mayor David LeSueur laughingly suggests Jeff Earle (foreground) is a bit fuzzy on the details of a smoking ban.)


One important All Ships take-away


It would be easy for the cynic, well-practised at slamming Riverfest over the years and longing for another Brockville event to devour in the acid bowels of snarl, to take down the All Ships Festival.

Curb your enthusiasm, but keep working

When a community is battered long enough by economic instability, it develops a response to positive news best captured by that sitcom title, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Health integration looks good on paper...


Some things look good in theory, but can only be put into practice by a process resembling carnage.

A hard line on hospitals? Good luck with that.


 (Councillor Jeff Earle)

Experience is the ultimate provider of context.

Let the show go on

The two Ps in 'appeal'

(Icicles hang off the roof of 40 Crawford Street in this February file photo.)

If one could produce energy from the hate being flung at Jim Rawlings on the Internet, it would solve Ontario's Hydro cost crisis by throwing plenty of free juice onto the grid.

Genetics to blame for Aquatarium delays



(Nexus 6 takes a break between performances.)


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