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Remembering the song that connected

Let me take you back in time.


The Book of the Century



The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Bureaucracy

Serendipity is often exhilarating, sometimes mildly humorous and mostly harmless.


One town, two Hamlets


Never mind that miracle cure thing... it's a plot device

Isaac Asimov wrote long ago about the shortcuts science fiction writers must take for the sake of dramatic necessity.

Now that I have seen Star Trek Into Darkness, it occurs to me dramatic necessity is the main driver of both J.J. Abrams Trek films, and the main cause of most of their plot holes.


Too little thinking means too much Darkness

I have two admissions to make.

First, I have not yet seen Star Trek Into Darkness, am not inclined to see it, yet probably will see it at some point and consider that act a betrayal of my loyalties to science fiction.

Second, I am a fan of Space:1999, as evidenced by the image at right, another contradiction to the loyalties expressed above, but there you have it.



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