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Flag Fest feasible without the Father

(Bob Harper, chairman of the 50 Years of Our Flag committee, speaks to city council's economic development and planning committee Tuesday about plans for Flag Fest.)

Council could use more Brainstorming

(Councillor David Beatty did not seek re-election.)

Apparently, Brainstorming was always a part of the agenda for city council's economic development and planning committee.

A different election era


(Council candidates and other spectators await results Monday in the main council chamber.)

Don't discount the issue of leadership style


(Louise Severson was articulate on the matter of leadership style.)

Let's not blindside the wrong people

(Council candidates Meghan Plooy, left, and Gord Smith talk to People First participants at Wednesday's speed-meet.)


Our beloved Dutch mayor


(Ben TeKamp is congratulated in 2006 after being named Citizen of the Year.)

Occupy the Tunnel!


(The flag of the People's Republic of China flies over the railway tunnel Thursday.)


I have gone on about flags before.

No number one issue? Yet?...



I will admit it's early going – very early going – in this municipal election campaign.


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