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Following her compass


(Louise Severson, right, shakes hands with city clerk Sandra MacDonald after filing her revised nomination papers.)

A branding idea that went South


(Dave Paul speaks to council in this file photo.)


Same place, different time

(Developer Matthew Eyre points to his proposed Rockford Forest development on a map in a city staff report.)

It's not ducks we are hunting...



In my lead for the latest city salaries story, I used the familiar expression “hunting where the ducks are.”

Not going to happen, but something has to happen


(Auditor Howard Allan speaks to Augusta Township council Monday evening.)


One town, two Hamlets


When did the train leave the station?



(Yep, we missed out on this...)


Beatty blended CEO thinking with community-mindedness



It may be a little early to sing the praises of a departed city councillor, since the election is still three months away.

Did we fix a broken window?


(Alvis Larocque, left, and Troy Merkley work on the sidewalk Monday in front of the former Woolworth's building.)


This ignoble fate may have been inevitable


(The ill-fated bells of Trinity Anglican Church, photographed by Darcy Cheek.)


It is indeed a most ignoble fate.


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