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Who says I only dump on commenters?


I like to dump on commenters who gripe underneath the stories we post.

Much of the time, they are uninformed, needlessly angry and apt to fall on each other like a pack of crazed schoolyard bullies after about the second go-round.

Besides, they once compared me to Forrest Gump.

Let it not be said, however, that I do nothing but dump on online commenters.

Dnem Duraka... Pravda!

Not that anyone was fooled, but journalistic integrity demands I disclose that yesterday's entry on a secret meeting at the Brockville Arts Centre between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was the continuation of a Brockville tradition.

That would be the Lirpa Loof tradition.

For the record, "Den Duraka" is Russian for "Day of the Idiot," the Russian version of April Fool's Day.

Kerry, Lavrov meet in Brockville

A red armoured vehicle drives by the Russian, Irish and British flags at the Brockville Arts Centre Saturday.


I have been barred, by three countries' national security agencies, from reporting this story.

Breathe through the nose, Brockville...


Angry Muppets

OK, Brockville, take a breath. Deep, and through the nose. Before you sink us back to 165th.

Will workouts help draw business?



Debbie Stagg speaks to council

Debbie Stagg speaks to city council on Tuesday.


A workout for the head and heart


Debbie Stagg speaks to the planning committee

Debbie Stagg speaks to city council's planning committee.


It's not unusual for a city council to bend or suspend the usual zoning rules when presented with an emotionally compelling case.

People give Brock Trail a pulse


Zoning meetingBrock Trail meeting

Same chairs, different day...


Will the OPP spice up the offer?

 Photo by Darcy Cheek

There is still plenty of ground to cover before the Ontario Provincial Police's current exercise in billing reform arrives at its final result.


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